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This charming website is here to whet your appetite and tempt your wanderlust.


Get on the Horn

Excellent! Now we’re talking. Let’s get to know each other and hatch some safari ideas.


You’re the Inspiration

We take those fresh ideas and whip up a custom trip chock full of things that’ll tickle your fancies and tick off the boxes on your checklist.


Go Ahead, Try it On

You give us the lowdown on our creation—we highlight the awesome, buff out the rest, and polish the whole package to a brilliant luster.


The Wax Coat

Once the shine on your trip puts a gleam in your eye, we’ll trade you this lovely, tailor-made safari vacation for…cold hard cash. Or, much more likely, credit.


Where the Wild Things Are

You’re all set! Go! Have a blast! Tell our friends we say hi. We’ll make sure they roll out the red carpet for you.

What it Costs

Penwell safaris are crafted using a simple formula and only the finest raw materials: your dreams, our ideas, plus elbow grease and expertise. Like a bespoke suit or a custom-made dress, our trips are stitched together to fit your particulars impeccably well; and like those services, ours carry a price that is typically not for the faint of piggy bank. We design incredible, life-changing trips—bargain-hunting is not one of our strong suits.

That being said, like the choices for those jackets and frocks, the options for any trip are numerous and multi-faceted; they can be extravagantly expensive or delightfully cheap. And while we’re dedicated to awesome over all else, we’re also dedicated to your budget—by all means, ring us up and lets see what fits you best.

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